Passengers of the steamship "WARRINGTON" 5 APRIL 1891


"Elizabeth Davies"
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On the night of Sunday 5 April 1891, the passengers of the steamship "WARRINGTON", en route from Eastern Europe to the USA, happened to be in The Royal Dock, Grimsby, in Lincolnshire, in transit at the "Emigrants House", where the Census enumerator duly listed them.
I transcribe them here for the benefit of any American genealogists researching their Eastern European ancestors. Please make allowances for the fact that neither the original enumerator (whose writing was very blotchy) nor myself, was familiar with these names! There may well be mistakes.

Chavask Wladislaw  married male  35 general labourer Russian Poland
Chavask  Marozic  single male  29 general labourer Russian Poland
Fraubell Herschal  married male  30? general labourer  Austria
Fraubell Minna  married  female  20
Fraubell Laila  child female 01
Fredrick Stephen  single male 29  agricultural labourer Austria
Friedman Chaim  married female 36
Russian Poland
Friedman Hinde single  female  16
Russian Poland
Friedman Gise child male 11
Russian Poland
Friedman Eisy child male 10
Russian Poland
Friedman Cecie child female 03
Russian Poland
Gladenski Joseph  single male 27  general labourer Russian Poland
Gladenski Josepha single female 23 general servant Russian Poland
Grigarow Jan  single male 20 tailor Russian Poland
Heriska Agnes married female 59
Russian Poland
Hichlowsky Jan  single  male 20 tailor Russian Poland
Kabenski Wladislaw  single male  24 tailor Russian Poland
Katzenborg Eide  married female ??
Katzenborg Leilo  child  male 10
Katzenborg Moiske  child male 04 
Katzenborg Gerochan  child male 03 
Kinalsky Jan  single male 20 agricultural labourer  Russian Poland
Kleek Vaslaw  married male 46 general labourer Russian Poland
Kleek Frany  child male  10
Russian Poland
Kleek Alo_ ?  child male 04
Russian Poland
Kobesty  Stanislas  single male  28 general labourer Russian Poland
Kubrik  Jan  single male 25  agricultural labourer  Russian Poland
Lassen  Levin  married male  26 sailor Russian Poland
Laz Stanislaw  married  male 30 tailor Russian Poland
Leifskily Chaim  single  female  20 domestic servant Russian Poland
Liust_we Stanislaw  married male 46 general labourer Russian Poland
Lomascorky Joseph  single male 35  general labourer Russian Poland
Michalowy Johan  single male 21 tailor Russian Poland
Mirowosky Karol  single  male 29 sailor  Russian Poland
Navonkowska Makany  married male 55 general labourer Russia
Navonkowska Marci___ ?  wife female 55 
Navonkowska Nar_i_n_ ?  son male 10
Nebasitowsky Tomas  widower male 45 tailor Russian Poland
Oskensky Matteus  married male  41 tailor Russian Poland
Pizowsky Maria  single female 20 domestic servant Russian Poland
Robelski Joseph  single male 30 joiner Russian Poland
Rosefield Wolff  single  male 3_ sailor Germany
Rusky Selig  single male 3_ general labourer Russian Poland
Satora  Wensel  married  male 42 general labourer Hungary
Satora  Ludwic  single male 21 general labourer Hungary
Satora Joseph  single male 24 general labourer Hungary
Svenasky Wladislaw  single  male 19 general labourer Russian Poland
Svenvasky Tomas single male 32 tailor Russian Poland
Swerbell Georg single male 33 tailor Russian Poland
Wierick Karl married male 55 general labourer Germany
Wierick Sophie wife female 55
Wierick Ida daughter female 20
Wierick Wilkelm son male 25
Wierick ?F?Jina daughter female 24
Wislokla Lekla single female 20 general servant Russia
Zanokinsky Matteus  single male 40 general labourer Russian Poland
Zepansky Michael single male 23 engineer Russian Poland
Zeropsky Stanislaw single male 24 general labourer Russian Poland